FUJIYA aims to become a company that is praised as "FUJIYA is great!" by everyone for its work and puts a smile on everyone's face. By supporting manufacturers throughout the world, FUJIYA will continue to exist forever.


"Pursue diversification"

Despite being a long-established company, we manage the company with the spirit of a "venture capital" corporation. We create products and engage in businesses that suggest new values to the world, while we diversify our product lines, markets and businesses.

"Global FUJIYA"

Through corporate activities, we contribute to the development of Japan and mainland Asia, as well as building ties to Vietnam, serving as a bridge between the two nations. We make FUJIYA a world-class company, by evolving from "Japan's FUJIYA" to "global FUJIYA.”

"Enjoy work and life thoroughly"

We work as hard as we play—and play as hard as we work.
We strive to make Fujiya a company that allows a "romantic spirit" to be compatible with management.
We create workplaces where all employees can actively work and grow, as well as actually feeling pride and pleasure in the process of manufacturing.


Making a good company

The most important value of a company is to stay in business permanently. Growth and profit are the measures to achieve that purpose. We contribute to the world, through the company's business, while the degree of such contribution is represented by business performance, which leads to the growth and profit of the company. This makes each individual who has contributed to such business performance wealthy.
The enduring company makes its members smile.
Our mission is "making a good company."
A good company does not merely achieve good figures in terms of management.
It also offers its employees 'lively' work and motivation in life, as well as putting smiles on the faces of our customers, suppliers and others concerned with FUJIYA and *keeping* them smiling, in order to achieve satisfactory business performance.
To make a good company, it is important to learn and to think well!