• FK01-180

    FK01-180Electrical Work Knife

  • FMC-500

    FMC-500M-Bar Cutters

  • FCC-550

    FCC-550C-Channel Cutters

  • HT17-255

    HT17-255Electrical Penetration Hammer

  • HT17P-205D

    HT17P-205DElectrical PEnetration Hammer

  • HT17P-185

    HT17P-185Electrical Penetration Hammer

  • HWC-5

    HWC-5Wire Cutter

  • WC1-190

    WC1-190Wire Cutter

  • FF28-200

    FF28-200Resin Flexible Cutter

  • FF29-200

    FF29-200Resin Tube Cutter

  • PC5-280

    PC5-280Heavy Duty Diagonal Clippers

  • PP323A-165

    PP323A-165Wire Stripper A Type 165mm

  • PP323B-165

    PP323B-165Wire Stripper B type 165mm

  • FA101

    FA101Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal

  • FA102

    FA102Crimping Pliers for Non-Insulated Terminal

  • FA103

    FA103Crimping Pliers for Faston terminal

  • FA104

    FA104Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal and Non-Insulated terminal

  • FA105

    FA105Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal and Faston Terminal

  • FA106

    FA106Crimping Pliers for FASTON terminal and Non-Insulated terminal

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