LINEMAN'S TOOLSThese tools are the most suitable for cutting, stripping, and bending of cables in indoor and outdoor wiring and electrical facilities work.

  • PP323B-165

    PP323B-165Wire Stripper B type 165mm

  • PP323A-165

    PP323A-165Wire Stripper A Type 165mm

  • HWC-6

    HWC-6Wire Handy Cutter

  • FA101

    FA101Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal

  • FA102

    FA102Crimping Pliers for Non-Insulated Terminal

  • FA103

    FA103Crimping Pliers for Faston terminal

  • FA104

    FA104Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal and Non-Insulated terminal

  • FA105

    FA105Crimping Pliers for Insulated terminal and Faston Terminal

  • FA106

    FA106Crimping Pliers for fASTON terminal and Non-Insulated terminal

  • FLA-43-F

    FLA-43-FAdjustable Wrench

  • FLA-28-F

    FLA-28-FAdjustable Wrench

  • FLA-32-F

    FLA-32-FAdjustable Wrench

  • FLA-53-F

    FLA-53-FAdjustable Wrench

  • 110-250SD

    110-250SDWater Pump Pliers with Spring and Driver

  • 110-250S

    110-250SWater Pump Pliers with Spring

  • GCC-150

    GCC-150Cable handy Cutters

  • GCC-200

    GCC-200Cable handy Cutters

  • PP707A-200

    PP707A-200Auto-Multi Stripper

  • 600-240

    600-240Cable handy Cutters

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